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Ha ha, very good, well done. But I called you here on serious business. Have a chair, maeistor.The maeistor sat. Nadella remained standing, moving round the room behind him, touching objects, in accordance with the practices urged in the best seller Eight habits of pointlessly intimidating management.Our forces are holding South Cloudland against the mono-mammaliad bookmongering warrioreens of Seattle, my laud, and ...Allyne began: The sigil of the Black Beret has once again been squished by our superior ... but then caught sight of the expression on his laud's face, and chose to start again from a place less distant from the point.According to IDC, our Q3 year-on-year market share as measured by unit shipments has dropped from an amazing 3.6 per cent to a still-very-good-considering-the-circumstances 2.9 per cent. Whereas the Maliciæ of Coupétino (sigil: a delicately-stylised, aesthetically-pleasing tree-potato; motto: 'Malus aforethought') have dropped a whole 1.1 per cent year-on-year to a measly 11.7 per cent, and the Oglers of Mount Doom View (sigil: a giant, red, all-seeing, definitely non-evil eye; motto: 'What have you been up to today?') have struggled to a mere 84.4 per cent market share, woefully short of their rumoured 87 per cent target.
The maeistor paused. Dimly aware that his alliterations had been pointlessly plummeting onto gravelly ground, and having heard that Laud Nadella was fond of cricket, he had recently enkindled an old David Gower ghostography with a view to accumulating some clicky jargon for later ingratiation of his boss. Unfortunately, the only phrase that had stuck in his head was wafting the bat outside my off-stump, and, since he wasn't really sure what this meant, he was struggling to steer his discourse so he could safely slip in this baffling expression.Nadella misinterpreted Maeistor Allyne's silence. He sighed sympathetically. I know. We really are up the SecurityToken without a DACL, are we not?Oh no, my laud. It is not nearly as bad as you think. The Research and Development team has been working like a service task. Already it has created a pair of spectacles that nearly runs SharePoint. And the marketing department really cracked it - has it not? - by going straight from Windows version 8 to version 10. They have literally jumped the shark of Windows 9. We are absolutely wafting our bat outside the off-stump on this one.
Here’s a clever idea, make what is effectively the same product from different materials and sell them at different price points. These biscuit shaped devices slot into a wristband or clasp (and now a necklace) with the Misfit Flash being made out of coloured plastic whereas and the Shine is put together with high-grade aluminium, also available in different colours. Both to connect via the Misfit app and feature a coin cell battery that lasts around 6 months.Stylishly minimalistic, whether worn as a wristband or attached to clothing, the Flash and Shine monitor steps taken, sleep patterns and they are good choice for swimmers as they’re waterproof. It paired instantly with the Misfit app but this software shows little more than steps, calories burned and sleep over a period of time. You can enter in your weight to get an overview of your progress and it integrates with the massively popular MyFitnessPal that can track your diet too.

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Flashing LEDs illuminate when tapped to indicate steps taken in the day and another tap shows a rudimentary clock. As a basic activity tracker it does the counting very well and recommends different positioning of the device for walking, cycling and swimming. Versatile as a wearable the soft silicone wristband is comfortable and non-sweaty when working out but hard core runners should look elsewhere.Whereas many fitness wearables look only slightly better than a hospital wrist strap, the Fuelband SE has a touch of biker style about it. Neon colours are available for the inside of the band but aren't visible when worn – but makes it easy to spot amongst your training clobber. It features a limited LED display including a digital clock and, on average, clocks up a four-day battery life.The functions are packed in with step counter, motion detection, and accelerometer and it’s water resistant too but, alas, not enough for swimming. One button activates all commands and it charges up by plugging directly into a computer or a USB PSU.
Setting up the Nike Fuelband SE took longer than all others on test. First, software needs to be downloaded to a computer, a user account created and then the Fuelband SE is plugged into the computer to link to the account. After this, the mobile app is downloaded and paired.Feedback on the app comes from collecting Fuel points, all exercise counts towards getting fitter with Sessions – the latest addition for intense activities – activated by holding down the button on the band for a few seconds until the LED flashes START. If you want to tag your location with GPS, go to Sessions on the mobile app and tap the clock face in top right hand corner. With its lifelogging features and motivational challenges, for hardcore runners, the Nike FuelBand SE doesn’t disappoint.Yes, very good, said Nadella, who didn't seem to be listening. Allyne, how would you like to earn yourself some new vowels?Maeistor Allyne's ears pricked up. M*stors' seniority was denoted by the length of their vowels. Novices started out with a single, lowly 'a': Mastors. The road to promotion was repeatedly obstructed by the rigorous, demanding and occasionally fatal blood-ritual known as Emseepee. Allyne was not about to sniff at a chance to gain a Maeiostorship, or maybe even a Maeioustorhood, without the ordeal of a multiple choice on SQL Server 2014 SMO object model.
Are you familiar with the once-mighty Python, maeistor? The open sauce programming language, formerly dominant for elegant, cross-platform programs that didn't run too fast?But then, many years ago, they came out with proud-to-be-backwards-incompatible Python version 3. Since which time, it has writhed helplessly like a bisected worm on the forest floor of scripted programming languages.We cannot defeat the Oglers in direct combat, maeistor, but maybe we can attack the monster through an effect that it is producing, as Jon Pertwee once did at Devil's End.What, give the smallfolk the jewels to the C# crown on a ceramic, concave container? cried Allyne, his hackles, dander and alliterative tendency rising in trandem. Let them get their nasty, 'nixy, dirty digit-dabs on LINQ? Pollute the precise, perfected dotNET namespaces with their loathsome, lower case abbreviations? I mislike this idea, my laud; I mislike it very much.And in the second place, continued Laud Nadella, ignoring the interruption, there is an open sauce web tool that the Oglers are backing, thing called Angular.js. It is just about to be upgraded to a new version. Now, suppose that new version were to be completely backwardly incompatible, and based on our very own TypeScript...

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A US Senator is urging Congress to pass laws forbidding Uncle Sam's spies from forcing software and hardware makers to build backdoors.In an op-ed posted in the LA Times, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said that there was no safe way to build backdoors into phones, tablets, computers and software without exposing them to hackers to exploit.Wyden, who this month proposed a bill to ban government agencies from mandating backdoors, noted the mechanisms US agencies want to use for law enforcement and intelligence will double as open invitations for foreign agencies and criminals to pwn devices.The problem with this logic is that building a back door into every cellphone, tablet, or laptop means deliberately creating weaknesses that hackers and foreign governments can exploit, Wyden wrote.Mandating back doors also removes the incentive for companies to develop more secure products at the time people need them most; if you're building a wall with a hole in it, how much are you going invest in locks and barbed wire?
Mandatory backdoors in devices and code are a hot topic: g-men argue that being able to tunnel into devices is essential to saving lives by detecting and preventing crime. Privacy advocates, meanwhile, have argued that the tools are a violation of privacy and a major security threat.Put Senator Wyden firmly in the latter category. He notes that even the government agencies themselves have proven less-than-trustworthy when it comes to handling data collected from citizen devices.For years, officials of intelligence agencies like the NSA, as well as the Department of Justice, made misleading and outright inaccurate statements to Congress about data surveillance programs — not once, but repeatedly for over a decade, he said.These agencies spied on huge numbers of law-abiding Americans, and their dragnet surveillance of Americans' data did not make our country safer. Lenovo is recalling about 500,000 AC power cords for its B, G, and V-series laptops and IdeaPads – after 15 cases were reported of the cables overheating, sparking, melting and burning.Only the AC Power Line Cord is being recalled, Lenovo said on its global recall website.The Adapter that connects to the computer is not being recalled. Do not discard the adapter. Lenovo apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Shipment of quality products always has been and continues to be the foremost concern.
The power cords were sold between February 2011 and June 2012, and are easy to identify. They are black and have LS-15 printed on the head. Lenovo's website also has a serial number checker for identification.So far there have been no reports of the power cables burning up in the US, but 15 cases have been logged in Asia, with no injuries. The cause of the problem is dodgy insulation in the power cord itself which degrades over time and allows the cables to overheat.It's the same problem that HP had in August, when it became the first tech firm to notice something was up and pull the LS-15 cords. Toshiba followed suit last month and now Lenovo has taken note.The recall is a reminder of just how interconnected everything is in the IT supply industry these days. Computer companies don’t make that many of their own components any more – certainly for stuff as mundane as power cords – so a single supplier will service many vendors.While that's more efficient economically for the PC giants, it does mean that when the supplier is at home to Mr Cockup then the effects are felt by many more people, as we saw earlier in the year when Lenovo, Sony, and Panasonic shared a batch of dodgy laptop batteries.

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