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Green laser pointer : Laser pen wholesale

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Researchers are interested in diamond-structured lasers pointer because they are able to transmit energy over long distances and are less susceptible to interference. The study may be able to achieve applications in laser ranging, space communications or laser weapons. The latest development of this diamond laser pen output power reached 380 watts, fully enough to break through the steel plate. This destructive energy can also be used for the right way, such as the elimination of space junk and so on. The diamond laser has a wavelength of 1240 nanometers, which is wider than the conventional red lasers from 700 nanometers to 800 nanometers. The longer the wavelength means that the less it is affected by the atmosphere, the lower the risk to humans. These wavelengths do not cause harm to human eyes. The key to this research is that this diamond green laser pointer can improve manufacturing technology. The diamonds used in this laser pointer are not made from the ground but are made in the lab. Now scientists have been able to create more perfect synthetic diamonds, and they will become better and better with time.

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