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Where Is The Bubble Soccer From ? : Where Is The Bubble Soccer From ?

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In Europe there is a kind of ball game is popular — bubble soccer. It is the two Norway people created, players wrapped in transparent plastic ball in space, no push and pull, not rude,bubble soccer rental is more interesting. The first game is at the end of 2011, broadcast in one called “golden goal” program in Norway, just as a small episode aired, after a few years, from Italy to Latvia everywhere held bubble football match. Now even the sale and leasing of various equipment shop. In a normal game of football was hard enough to score, but the entire upper body are locked in a plastic space ball, score is almost impossible. Hand tied in a fixed position, completely unable to master the balance, but also is such that the bubble football interesting. The opponent will suddenly rushed over to the ball, the man hit out, as do the protection measures enough, the player is not so easily hurt. It is also called bubble, bubble football, European fashion sports. Before the start of the players, upper body wrapped in transparent plastic ball in space, exposing only the legs to run, play sports. The upper part of the space ball game player relief body collision probability, although the space ball played a very good protective effect, but the space space ball too large to collision between the ball and the ball is increased, because the hands are fixed, the player is more difficult to master the balance. When the player after the fall, will be bouncing on the ground, the player clumsy movements makes arena fun. Bubble in the football match score is not important, over an opponent is fun. Where is the best supplier of Bubble Football Soccer ? It’s must be us.

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